Conference facilities, including support hotels, are quite exceptional and offer great facilities and value for money. Food is wonderful, and strangely, while there are plenty of local traditional dishes to try, savour and enjoy, it is Italian dishes that seem to be available as the most prevalent non-local dishes on most menus in the region. Activities away from the formal business of the day are just too numerous to mention, so both delegates and spouses will have plenty to do. We also include a mention of Cambodia and Malaysia by virtue of having visited there and being within very easy reach of Thailand. Most business visitors to Thailand arrive in the capital city of Bangkok, a huge busy city that is a wonderfully eclectic mixture of modern skyscrapers and dazzling temples. For most business users, Thailand is one of the definitive business travel destinations, seeing itself placed alongside countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. For conferences and business events, meeting spaces (Queen Sirikit Centre, BITEC and Impact Arena are wonderful venues for the larger audience) accommodation (hotels are second to none) and support services such as high speed Internet access and international teleconferencing are first class. On the leisure front, whether sampling spicy street food or shopping in one of its many luxury malls and massive outdoor markets, Bangkok is ahead of the pack in Southeast Asia. Stunning beaches, fascinating culture and history, and world-famous cuisine known for its bold, exotic flavours make Thailand one of Southeast Asia’s most popular destinations. Tin the south of the country you’ll find the tropical paradise retreats of Phuket and Koh Samui with unbelievable beaches and plenty of outer islands, all surrounded by clear blue waters full of colourful sea life. Thai people are incredibly friendly, and their legendary hospitality does nothing but enhance what is the amazing Thailand experience. You will want to return.
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