WE RARELY RECOMMEND DESINATIONS WE HAVE NEVER VISITED OURSELVES Lisbon is definitely a bucket-list city, averaging just two and a half hours from UK airports. Lisbon, and the surrounding connurbations of Estoril, Cascais and Sintra are, to put it simply, must-visit and must-see destinations. For corporates, the perfect time to visit for a conference or event is January or early May to avoid tourist “intensity”, although Lisbon is also tourist-level comfortable - if a little warm - in August. Accommodation, both room and conference space, is above average, and an enormous advantage not offered by many destinations, is the possibility to have exclusive venue usage. In a nutshell, great venues, great accommodation, superb food and a climate that is simply quite hard to match. Portugal still offers great value for money as a business destination and continues to attract an increasing number of business events each year. Accommodation, event spaces, activities, guided tours and restaurants remain very competitive, and its mild short winters and long summers make it very much an all-year-round destination. The cities of Lisbon, Porto (it’s historic centre is considered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO) and Faro, (the location of the country’s three main airports), provide all the facilities business needs to hold a successful event, from small to large congress centres and hotels all capable of contending with corporate groups large and small. Portugal provides an extensive range of activities, with something guaranteed to suit every need, preference and budget. Whether it’s an outdoor leisure activities such as a wine tasting or boat cruise, a cultural tour through ancient monuments and villages or a visit or event in more modern museum or concert hall. When it comes to tastes and flavours, Portugal is not only one a great wine destination but also one to tempt the foodie! It is even possible to hold an event in a working winery (see photo)! With its heritage, landscapes, leisure activities, monuments, sports, gastronomy and wine, Portugal has a very diverse appeal to all sizes of business groups regardless of their preferences, budget or expectations (the latter of which we firmly believe will be fulfilled!). The business and event travel markets in Portugal are now very responsive, with more and more venues not only capable and willing but actually able to host larger groups and customised requests.
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