The city that never sleeps, so they say. And they’re right

All the superlative statements that abound never seem to do New York justice! The city that never sleeps the Big Apple and so on. It most certainly is a very active city. And there is no doubt that it is one of the world's greatest cities. And a great, memorable destination for an event or incentive. There are more venues than you could ever wish for. And then there’s wonderful Florida. Miami. And Las Vegas. Endless possibilities. [Background photo by Roberto Vivancos from Pexels]. For conferences and events, there are absolutely limitless possibilities for the business visitor to New York. As a destination, especially if you are a first-time visitor, you will simply have to allow a few extra days so as not to miss some of the world’s most iconic sights – the Empire State, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station, 5th Avenue and Broadway, not forgetting the museums and famous sights of the five boroughs (all so wonderful in their own unique way - Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island) that make up the city. Some 50 million people a year visit the city, and there is no doubt that the accommodation, meeting spaces, food, transportation, and entertainment is nothing if overwhelming. Three major airports serve New York City, John F. Kennedy and La Guardia (the latter used more for domestic services) in Queens and Newark (which although serving cheaper flights, can sometimes offer that delight travellers so enjoy – a delay!). Manhattan itself is a surprisingly lovely city and great for walking. Just bear in mind that it can get rather hot during the summer and very cold in winter. Travel is easy, either by subway (its two billion annual users can’t be that wrong), famous yellow cab, ride share or, with some homework in advance, bus. And Manhattan is the borough with the famous and quite fancy international hotels. If your budget can stretch to $12,000 a night, we can guarantee you will rub shoulders with the rich and famous (there are plenty of hotels to suit the more modest budget!). No trip to New York can be made without time off to visit one of the hundreds of famous coffee shops. You won’t need a book or newspaper, or even a mobile phone. Just to sit there and people watch over a reasonably-priced yet excellent cup of coffee and people-watch is a must. It’s America TV coming to life in front of your eyes! And at the end of a busy day (remembering, according to one of New York’s most famous residents, it the “city that never sleeps”) pop out with some fellow team members for a beer in one of the many bars, or grab a last-minute ticket to a Broadway show (there are many excellent minor theatres to compliment the blockbuster hosts). And for foodies. It is worthwhile forgoing your venue dinner on at least one occasion and visiting one of the countless delis or bagel bars, where their bill of fayre makes some of the UK’s popular sandwich bars look like charity cases! And if you get a moment during the day (one of the reasons to have extra free “day time” outside your conference of event), walking the parks and some retail therapy is an absolute must.
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