WE RARELY RECOMMEND DESINATIONS WE HAVE NEVER VISITED OURSELVES Wonderful Portugal. Lisbon is Europe’s western-most city, and noted as an all- seasons destination with very mild winters and temperate summers. It is famed for Europe’s “Golden Gate” (Vasco da Gama) Bridge across the Tagus River as well as imported American tramcars and magnificent architecture. There’s plenty to see, do and of course, in season, legendary Portuguese sardines on the menu. [Photo: Sintra] Greece is a Mediterranean gem and offers everyting the corporate visitor could want. Easy access, great accommodation and food, culture that defies description, superb value-for-money and good weather. Athens [photo] is a wonderful, friendly city, and there are wonderful destinations throughout the country. Plus, for English-only speakers, a communication heaven! Many people don't realise that Ireland has but a mere six cities (Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Kilkenny [some might disagree] and Waterford) in the entire country. So with around just five million people, there is not only plenty of room, but plenty of opportunity to go “rural” and leave city life far behind. [Photo: The famous Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin] What can one say about New York in one paragraph? Big, brassy, in your face. There is just too much to see and too much to do. In fact, the one thing in common all MICE delegates on a short trip to the USA always say is that “we didn't have enough time”. Our American Partner Larry is on-the-ground in the States ready to help us look after you. What more can we say? We have to recommend Austria as a truly wonderful destination for a corporate meeting, incentive or conference. Having undertaken a familiarisation trip to the lovely cities of Salzburg and Vienna, we were extremely impressed with not only Austria itself, but also with the facilities, hospitality, accommodation, food and good prices. [Picture : Motzart’s birthplace, Salzburg] Aside from the fact that they drive on the left, most people speak English of a very communicable nature and the weather is usually good, Thailand, is a wonderful destination. They are easily accessible from most airports in the UK, and despite the distance, not too expensive when flying coach via the very acceptably comfortable Singapore Airlines. {Photo: Krabi, Phuket] Israel is a country so full of history that we don;t really know whwrwe to start. From the busling metropolis that is Tel Aviv, to historic Jerusalem, to “sitting” in the Dead Sea. A tecnolological marvel offering something for everyone, and well worth it if you are not of Jewish faith and have never been to Israel before. [Photo: The Bahai Temple in Haifa] Our home stomping ground. Whether it's the hubbub of London (ranked alongside New York as one of the only two Alpha++ cities in the world) or St David's in Wales, with a mere 1,800 inhabitants and the UK‘s smallest city, we naturally enough know a ‘little’ something about hosting corporate events on our own domestic doorstep. [Photo: The spectacular Deep Aquarium in Hull]
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